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Fire Marshall Cesar security Services

Fire Marshall Cesar security Services

Fire Marshall / Fire Warden Specialist  

We can beat any quote

We are specialist on provision of Fire Marshalls              

 Highly trained and experienced officer with fire Warden Certificate

Please call us for more details 02034414240   or Email: Info@Cesarsecurity.co.uk

Cesar security Limited we are committed to ensure the safety of you premises from a fire threat, our management team will conduct regular fire risk assessment and identify any type potential to your building; our officers are highly trained in fire prevention, evacuation procedures and reporting threats and issues.

We are dedicated to work closely with our client to keep our fire wardens informed and up to date with regulation and procedures.

Our fire warden trained to:

·         Conduct a risk assessment to Identify fire hazards at your site

·         Note and report hazards to the ‘responsible person’

·         Remove any unsafe items stored inappropriately

·         checking the smoking areas are kept clean and ashtrays are emptied regularly

·         Take the correct action in the event of a fire

·         Record all details in a logbook

·         Familiarise themselves with the designated assembly point

·         Ensure that all fire-resisting doors are kept shut and locked shut where required

·         Ensure that escape routes are kept clear and can be used effectively at all times

·         Provide assurance to residents of the building and direct them to fire escapes

·         Conduct fire drills to ensure alarm systems and procedures are operating

·         Report any concerns to the ‘responsible person’ for the building or call 999


In the unlikely event of a fire, our fire marshal will alert services and carry out a safe evacuation, following a detailed procedure.

Our Fire Marshall will:

  • Raising the alarm, if It has not already been done, Call 999
  • Guiding people out of the building through emergency exits
  • Making sure that any machinery has been made safe
  • Conducting a methodical search of the premises to check all areas have been fully evacuated including storage and toilets
  • Fighting the fire with appropriate extinguishers if is safe to do so
  • Taking a register of colleagues and making sure that everyone is accounted for.
  • Making sure no one re-enters the premises until it has been made safe.
  • Gathering information and reporting all information to the responsible Fire Office Or Fire brigade
  • Report the incident to the Cesar security control room  and directly to the client

Our Staff are fully trained to ensure the fully understand the purposes of their role, the key to our services is the communication between our officers and our client, we have a very strict policy when it come to fire safety, our officers receive briefing every shifts before starting and must complete full handover at the end of the shift, both briefing and handover must be signed by each fire warden and filed for audit purposes. We provide 24 hour control room support to our staff and clients

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